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Tellemachus helps to reduce crime and make a safer Bristol

Tellemachus helps to reduce crime and make a safer Bristol

The Challenge

The Safer Bristol Partnership was formed in 2003 to tackle crime, drugs and community safety issues within the Bristol. Although they already had rapid deployment cameras in place; these failed to meet operational challenges and support was an issue.

So they were forced to look for alternative solutions that would not only meet all their current operational requirements, but would also be future-proofed. On-site system training, ongoing technical and operational support as well as effective and responsive maintenance was deemed vitally important. With these challenges in mind, companies from all over Europe were invited to tender.

The Solution

In the face of tough competition, Tellemachus won the tender and provided Safer Bristol Partnership with a range of the Equinox modular camera and wireless surveillance solutions, which is fully supported and backed up with a network and camera maintenance package.

It all began with an in-depth consultation to understand the current system and identify needs, expectations and future aspirations. After the consultation, work started on the project. We first designed and installed a city-wide wireless network linked into Safer Bristol Partnership’s CCTV Control Centre. High quality video images and audio could then be transmitted from the re-deployable Equinox cameras back to the CCTV Control Centre via the wireless network or mobile phone networks.

We provided a comprehensive command suite, where images and audio could be monitored, controlled, recorded, archived and managed from a single Multimedia Management Unit (MMU). We also integrated a number of the incoming ‘Equinox’ video streams (with PTZ control) directly into the existing Bristol Council CCTV Control Centre. This has meant a seamless transition for the operators who can now view video from and PTZ control the selected Equinox cameras, alongside video from any existing traditional fixed CCTV cameras.

Specialist recording and archiving systems have also been installed to ensure video streams and audio are recorded and stored in accordance with Home Office guide lines. The recordings can then be used for evidential purpose as and when necessary. In addition, we provided a number of portable hand-held viewing devices, specially designed to allow personnel to carry out their mobile duties whilst at the same time they can securely view live and/or recorded video streams from any of the CCTV cameras as well as control other camera functions.

The Benefits

  • Modular tailored wireless solutions
  • Fully integrated solution with police and local council
  • Access and monitoring via multiple locations
  • Rapid and easy to deploy
  • Resilient and reliable
  • Access to live digital images or stored footage
  • Managed and monitored using one device
  • High standard of training and ongoing technical support
  • Reduced capital & revenue costs compared with traditional CCTV